My Philosophy & Approach

Attachment focused | Relational | Psychoanalytic | Strengths Based | Anti-Racist | Queer and Trans Affirming


As an attachment focused therapist, my therapeutic work with clients centers around helping people better understand how attachment wounds and early experiences of caregiving impact relationships later in life, both with ourselves and with others. For example, do you find that you crave closeness and intimacy only to partner with people who are distant and emotionally unavailable? Or do you find that you push yourself towards perfectionism in the way that your parents modeled for you as a way to potentially hold onto these relationships?

Attachment focused therapy takes a deeper look at patterns that occur in relationships, having compassion for these patterns, and building new ways of connecting with others and ourselves.


I have extensive training and personal experience in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and I believe strongly in the use of transference in the therapeutic relationship. Through my own personal and professional work, I have learned that some of the most transformative and healing work can be accomplished simply by exploring our connection as therapist and client. For example, if I am out of the office for a vacation this may trigger anger, anxiety, and experiences of abandonment for you. In psychoanalytic and attachment focused therapy, we pay particular attention to exploring what is happening between us in the present and how this connects to past experiences. Ultimately, the safety developed in the therapeutic alliance allows clients to feel more confident and connected to feelings that arise in relationships outside of a clinical setting as well.

As a more traditional and talk therapy focused therapist, I value self-growth, exploration, and helping people develop insight into patterns and unconscious desires. I draw upon principles and techniques from various interventions and philosophies including relational psychoanalysis, attachment theory, radical acceptance, emotionally focused therapy, and health at every size.

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I offer individual therapy and family therapy with a particular focus on older teenagers and transitional age adults from roughly 16-24.